All My Friends Are Growing Up And Starting Blogs

13 Feb

Over the past several months I’ve stumbled upon more friends’ blogs than I can count. It seems that almost every friend and acquaintance I’ve recently met has something to share with the world via the web. A decade ago, someone my age may have made the claim, “all my friends are growing up and starting families” but in this tech-savvy day and age, while women put off childbirth well into their mid-to-late thirties or even forties, my cohorts and I are much more likely to comment on the proliferation of blogs than babies. Yes, in this historic first post, I’m likening the decision to found a blog to the decision to create a new life, and the potential change that each of these events has to offer the creator.*

I think we could all agree that deciding to have a baby is a pretty big deal. For me, the seemingly simple act of deciding to start a blog is also a pretty big deal. Both resolutions require much forethought about various considerations. Both a soon-to-be mother and a soon-to-be blogger go into all-out preparation mode. For a mama-to-be, she’s usually got the baby daddy already figured out, but mom must consider aspects such as home or hospital birth, pain meds or, well, pain, breast feeding or formula, on and on. A blogger-to-be has her own decisions to grapple with – content, host, audience and layout to name a few. However, perhaps one of the most deliberated and important considerations of a new baby and a new blog is the name.

Yup, just as with a baby, a blog’s name is often perceived as the most critical decision. It makes that oh-so-important first impression, so it must be memorable. And because it can say so much about the content within, parents and bloggers alike spend plenty of time weighing the options and ultimately deciding on what they feel reflects their values, personalities and hopes.

My decision upon the name “with love, small”** came to be because at 5 feet 3 inches (on a good day), I’m pretty small. Just kidding. I mean, I am small, and maybe that was a part of the name game, but mainly it was born out of my vision for this blog – to communicate little bits of my life and day-to-day musings and inspirations with my family and friends (and anyone else who stumbles upon this space – hello stranger!). My hope is that through sharing my thoughts and observations, I will connect with loved ones near and far and that in the process (both in the thinking about what content to place on this blog and in receiving feedback), I will continually learn and evolve as a person.

I don’t yet have children of my own, but I imagine that a new mom must go through the same process throughout her pregnancy, after the baby’s birth and throughout the child’s life. She has put a piece of herself out into the world and like it or not, she will continually receive feedback on how she shapes the child. Along the way, mom must learn and course-correct and in so doing, she herself grows and develops, as will her child. Together, unknowingly, they help each other mature and flourish.

So, without further ado, I end this first post of my new blog-baby. I’ve done it. I’ve put myself out there. And now I observe, create, share, connect and grow.

with love, small

*Inspiration for this post was largely derived from the book Birth Day (A Pediatrician Explores the Science, the History, and the Wonder of Childbirth) by Mark Sloan, MD. I randomly picked up this fascinating gem at the library the other day and sped through its 200+ pages in less than two days. Although I do admit to having an interest in all-things-baby (which does not necessarily have anything to do with a ticking biological clock – remember, I did focus on child development while earning my psychology degree in college), I would highly recommend it to anyone with even a smidgen of interest in how the brain and body develop or what babies encounter upon transition from the womb-world to the “real” world, and to those who might just be curious about the seemingly mysterious birthing process that a woman goes through (not as mysterious as you might think once you discover the science behind things like why women want to walk around or take a bath during labor).

**Huge thanks to my friend Alicia, who was an active participant in my blog-name brainstorming process – she listened to my ideas, asked me pressing questions and out popped a name that I thought was absolutely perfect. Thanks lady!


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3 responses to “All My Friends Are Growing Up And Starting Blogs

  1. Kimberly

    14.Feb.2011 at 8.53pm

    Welcome to the Blogging World! I’m super excited to read your little bits and day-to-day musings. And I just love the beautiful banner picture. I hope to see more San Francisco shots…I seem to be missing the salty sea air right now!

  2. broccoliandchocolate

    14.Feb.2011 at 9.22pm

    Yeay! Go Mala, you get your very own icon on my Firefox toolbar. 🙂

  3. Jo

    21.Feb.2011 at 11.19am

    Love it! Your blog has been accorded a spot on my toolbar as well…


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