Who is Mala?

14 Feb

If you responded “Who is Mala?” to the clue “This girl has a date with Alex Trebek, Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and IBM’s Watson tonight,” you would be absolutely correct!


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4 responses to “Who is Mala?

  1. John Bingham

    14.Feb.2011 at 3.21pm

    Hey! That guy looks like yer dad!

    • John Bingham

      15.Feb.2011 at 12.48am

      Ok, he’s WAY different looking than yer dad!
      I love small, I love universally huge. I love you, most of all…
      Thanks for your inspiration… How was your date?

  2. Jean

    14.Feb.2011 at 3.46pm

    What fun! Looking forward to more. Love ya– Aunt Jean

  3. Mjom*

    15.Feb.2011 at 10.45pm

    Very sweet!
    walk around a lake?!? I couldn’t even walk around the yard! LOL!
    [I’m in a Bjork mood tonight] ~ ❤ Mjom*


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