Three Little Things

05 Jun

Three Things


A friend recently put me on the spot by asking me quick-fire style what were my three favorite things … readygo!


I was not ready. My mind raced. My three favorite things? Ever? Of all time? Sure, I could come up with three things I love on the spot, but would they be my absolute, hands-down favorites? This question required some further thought and introspection in order to provide an honest and accurate response. So, here you go world, a few of my favorite things (and yes, brown paper packages made the cut – in a way).


1. My Dad


Calm. Loving. Wise. For these three reasons and a myriad more, my dad is my best friend. He is there for me through ups and downs, always willing to lend an ear and dispense advice. I can literally tell him anything and vice versa, breaking the typical boundaries of the parent-child relationship (of course, this is a more recent development now that I’m an “adult child”). He is well known and loved in his community. He is talented in so many areas, particularly in the artistic realm. He is not afraid to try new things, to seek out adventure. What I find really interesting is that we share many of the same values. You’re thinking, duh, he’s your dad, of course you do. But, as a child of parents who divorced when I was five, and having been primarily raised by my mom, I’d say we didn’t actually spend that much time together during my formative years (in fact, I often wonder how I might be different had our time together been increased). We’ve realized throughout the years that we’re alike in more ways than we can probably count, and these similarities in world-view, philosophy and how our brains work allow us to collaborate, to reach new insights together, to continually inspire one another.


2. Real Food


Think of a tiny little tomato seed (so much potential!) tucked lovingly into a bed of lush, nutrient-rich soil. The seed sprouts, it’s tender green leaves reaching for the sun, the further it reaches the more it is energized and determined to keep climbing. Through the entirely natural, wonderful, and mysterious ways of our universe, along with the nurturing hand of someone who has faith in the process, who is kind, patient and caring, the seed, with its stems now full of leaves, produces the most beautiful tomato you have ever seen. Full, glistening in the sun, soft and supple, smelling of earth and tangy-sweet fruit. You taste, and it is mind-blowing, life-altering delicious. That such a delicate, mysterious process could produce such wonders – and that our bodies are nourished by and even require this natural bounty – continues to fascinate and amaze me. This is why I love real food.


3. Simplicity


Ok, this choice is a bit of a stretch, as I can lump many other items into this one. But it’s true – I love simple. I love mornings, when the world is quiet and hasn’t yet evolved into it’s daily hustle and bustle. I love nature, the ocean, the country – places in the world where the earth is in control and man’s hand has not stepped in to mess with mother nature’s plans. I enjoy life best when it is uncomplicated, when plans are carefree. I prefer solids to stripes. I don’t need fancy “things”. The fewer ingredients in my food, the better. I find that the more simple things are, the more I am free to focus on what’s really important to me – like brown paper packages tied up with string (the ultimate in simple wrapping).


There you have it, the three things that fuel me and keep me most happy. What are your three favorite things? 


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2 responses to “Three Little Things

  1. John Bingham

    05.Jun.2012 at 8.10am

    Knee-jerk faves after reading that ? You, you and….. YOU!

    Ok, now I’ll think on it and get back to you… might not change, though I will elaborate regarding our society of mutual admiration!

  2. broccoliandchocolate

    21.Jun.2012 at 7.19pm

    Hmm… will need to think too. Love this blog post, smalls.


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