To 29

16 Oct

Since October 17, 1983 the earth has made 29 trips around the sun. I was recently informed that Saturn has taken 29 years to complete one single solitary orbit around our celebrated celestial star. In the last year, some whopping 525,600 minutes have passed. I have been seated shoulder to shoulder with approximately 494 strangers on public transit. I sang along with Carly Rae on the radio at least 35 times. I sang along with Cookie Monster on YouTube at least 53 times.

Today I turn 29. These 29 years have had some momentous moments, but looking back, I’d have to say that the past year alone has proven one of the most memorable:

I began seriously considering and making plans to continue my education
I volunteered for the first time
I learned how to knit
I hosted many out of state visitors
I attended amazing concerts
I discovered amazing new bands
I fell out of touch with old friends
I deepened existing friendships
I made new friends
I had my heart broken
I was taken in by another family at Thanksgiving
I celebrated holidays on the east coast and established new traditions
I re-kindled my yoga practice
I let my running habit wane
I picked my running habit back up
I let my running habit wane again
I spent money
I saved money
I traveled overseas
I participated in the world’s largest food fight
I made international friends
I finally fell in love with living in San Francisco
I finally worked up the courage to commute by bike in San Francisco
I was single for the first time in my adult life
I went on my first real first date
I ate a ton of good food
I drank a ton of good wine
I dispensed advice (as honestly as I could)
I received advice (of much better quality than I dispensed)
I read many more books than I have in past years
I blogged a little
I Instagrammed a lot
I consciously attempted to make and capture as many memories as possible
I danced
I cried
I laughed
I learned
I hugged
I lived

Here’s to you, 29 – you’ve been truly life-changing and I will always think of you fondly. Now let’s have another spin around the sun and another set of adventures!

with love, small


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3 responses to “To 29

  1. johnmbingham1

    17.Oct.2012 at 3.16am

    Nice set of stats!
    As always, I am super-proud to be your dad, amazed at the woman into whom you’ve grown and delighted with the well-rounded and sophisticated person you’ve become. I hope I’m around to enjoy our next 29 trips around the sun.

    Happy Birthday!

    I love you!

  2. fiftydatesfiftystates

    17.Oct.2012 at 4.36am

    So very glad I got to spend so much time with you this year. I love you!

  3. broccoliandchocolate

    18.Oct.2012 at 9.24pm

    love love love! and love you too, of course. 🙂


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